Wing Shooting Safaris

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In order to arrange the optimum Wingshoot for you we have the following Requirements:

* Minimum of two shooting days

* Minimum of 3 hunters.

* / day unlimited pigeon and doves

* Waterfowl May - August

* Contact us for latest prices and specials.

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Summary of the shooting:

The  season has been the best season in our hunting career, as far as birds are concerned. We had an exceptionally wet summer, with the rainfall spread evenly through the growing season, causing the grass to grow like we have never seen and the birds to breed very well. Most of the guinea fowl flocks had two hatches of chicks, and the survival rate was very high. The francolin also bred very well. This resulted in outstanding walked up shooting on guinea fowl and francolin, with large bags being recorded, especially from mid-June to the end of August.

The Rock pigeon season started early (mid February), and the birds kept on flying well up to the middle of June. We shot pigeons again in August, on flight lines, and on harvested maize fields. I am proud to say that, due to some meticulous scouting, we had very few glitches and the birds we spectacular. Most groups stopped shooting before the birds stopped flying. Our perception still is that there are more birds every year, as shows in the sizes of the bags shot. Rock pigeon shooting in the Free State must still be one of the best kept shooting secrets in the world!

Waterfowl: Waterfowl was good to outstanding, especially from June onwards, and right up to the end of the season.

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