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This year we where all hit by the COVID-19 (Corona) pandamic. All our friends and clients arriving from mid March could not come due to this situation.

We sincirely miss you and hope to see you all as soon as this situation clears up again.

Until then - may you and your family stay safe.

Very special Eland hunt - February 2020

Very special Eland hunt…

We left the lodge early in the morning after a nice cup of coffee to go and search for these elusive Eland Bull hiding in the mountains.


We drove up more than an hour  to a nice high lookout spot where we can sit an spot, sitting there for almost an hour, seeing several Eland cows, we spotted 3 Eland Bulls on their own feeding out of a “Kloof” toward us.

Having the sun behind us and the wind in our face, we decide to split up.  I walked with the clients and my son headed off with other Guide. They got a nice close shot first and bagged a really nice old mature trophy. 

The other bull rand directly toward us and stopped just within good shooting distance, we dropped him as well . Was a really nice and exiting morning, but after we radioed in for some extra hands we only got home just before dark with almost a ton of really good meat. 



Buffalo - Febuary 2020

Knud's Buffalo Hunt February 2020

We arrived at the lodge middle of the day and we had a good lunch. After lunch we had a short rest and relaxed the we headed out to the shooting range to test shoot the .375 H&H to get ready for the Big Boy. After we had a drive thru this huge hunting area, more than 16000ha prime hunting to see what we can spot for the next few day hunt. 

We spotted several different game and antelope species on our game drive thru the rugged terrain in the hills with its lush green grass Plato’s . We could see that we were in for a good walk and an exiting hunt. Later we spotted a group of 6 Buffalo bulls that was grazing between some thick brush. Some of them where some soft bosses and one was a good trophy class bull.

The next morning we all were up early, was still dark outside. We had our cup of Coffee and then we headed out driving up to an advantage point where we can spot from. 

Later that morning from another glassing point we spotted a group of Buffalos that was busy bedding down between some Koppies (Hills) and we decided that we going to stalk in to get closer look. We got to an good advantage point about 150m where we saw this really nice bull that we decided that we going to take. The problem was he was still bedded down and that we will have to wait for it to get up. We used this time to go around to another spot so we can get in closer. We got in to about 60m and put Knud on the sticks and told him to get ready. We was on a side of a hill so we had good Hight Advantage and had a nice view. Unfortunately the video camera ran out of memory space by that time and there was no time to fool around with it at that point. 

As it warmed up the wind started to shift and the group got our smell and got up to look around, that opened up the bull nicely for a good shot!!!!


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