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Suni hunt, the last one of the 10 small one in South Africa for Gordon. October 2015

Suni hunt,

the last one of the 10 small one in South Africa for Gordon.

We started hunting a little late on Wednesday morning after only a few hours sleep that night driving from the Airport to Gem Safaris. It was really hot temperatures and we hunted all day long in 40*C walk and stalk in the thick bush and sitting in small branch and leave blinds waiting for Suni to pass by in thicket where we spotted some. No luck that Wednesday.

 On Thursday Morning we got up at 4am , already it was 24*C We sat in a blind waiting until 8am with nothing coming up except a few guinea fowl. We started a slow silent stalk again and spotted a female at 25m standing broad side. We carried on for another hour and a half and I stopped the hunt because of the heat and we went for lunch and a well deserved siesta.  We started again at 4pm and sat in a blind again waiting. Just when the sun went down I told the tracker that we should make a stalk again where we spotted the one before. I saw him under the thick brush and put Gordon on him.

 All the patients and heat tolerance paid of eventually.


Jørgens Bushbuck Trophy of a lifetime - 7th June 2015

It was Jorgen's 2 time hunting with Gem Safaris and has been looking for a bushbuck for some years. The morning me and him was walking slowly thru the brush in a great area that Gem Safaris have for bushbuck , while we had somebody else scouting for us on another hill. We had a call on the radio that he spotted a great trophy and that we should try and make our way over there. I ran back to the hunting truck to come and pick Jorgen up. We drove to the other spot , stopped the truck far enough not to scare the animals away and started our stalk to this old monster where he was feeding with another ewe. We got up to 70m away and Jorgen still couldn't see him standing a bit in the shade in the open. After the female spotted us , and the moved , Jorgen spotted the male and made a great shot behind the shoulder , he ran about 20m into the brush where he drop down dead. , What a hunt ! This Bushbuck was touching 15" with a phenomenal shape. It is close to 10/11 years old. It was hunted in a new area I have that hasn't been hunted in years , it is 11 000ha.

A trophy of a life time!

We carried on that day and Anton who also really wanted a bushbuck ended up with 2 great trophies bushbuck on the same day after hunting for bushbuck for 4 years.

- Paul

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