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Damara Dik Dik hunt in Namibia, the last one of the 10 small for Gordon. Read more


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Jørgen got a bushbuck of a lifetime. Read more


In Febuary Maritsa & Paul was visiting friends and clients in Denmark, Norway and England.

COVID-19 message

Good day my friends and hunter friends.

It was also a busy and is a challenging time for us on the farm. We had our last clients on the 11th of March and the next day we got the news that all flights were cancelled. Since then we had a busy and isolated time on the farm with all sorts of maintenance jobs and working with my Cattle

Yesterday morning was probably the coldest day(28/5) so far this year when we woke up and there was a light dusting of snow on the mountains. Most part of the day it was only 2C. We also had good summer rain and the animals are in really good condition after 4 years of really bad droughts.

In the meantime we are really missing our clients, friends   and just what we are use to do , hunting entertaining and just making peoples dreams come true. We also had some good family time and some hunting. The kids was doing some predator control and got rid of some Jackals. They also did some hunting so we can have meat for ourselves and the staff.

The Giraffes also visit our house on a regular basis now and make a really nice view. We also had some beautiful sunsets with really clear skies and nice starry nights

We really looking forward to things getting back to normal and start hunting again. For the mean time Stay Safe until we can catch up again.

At least our SA market has opened up and we are looking forward to see our SA friends and hunters.

 - Regard  Paul

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Welcome to the home page of Gem Safaris - An African Adventure. With this web-site we aim to inform you about our high quality products ass well as about the fine results of some of our clients. If you don't find the information you search for here - don't hesitate to contact us for any further needed information.
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Hunt the Eastern cape with Paul Schoeman for the ultimate African Adventure. The Eastern Cape is one of the finest hunting areas in South Africa and offers more than 40 game species. The area varies from thick bushveld to savanna grasslands and high and rocky mountains.
We offer you top professional hunters, guaranteed game availability, trophy-class animals, fully inclusive packages as well as a limited numbers of year hunts. All to give you the ultimate African Adventure.
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